Queer Collector’s Case – Jana’s Painting by Mary Stella Edwards

Donated by Jana Funke

During the first lockdown last year, Jana found a small oil painting painting by Mary Stella Edwards online. It is signed using her pseudonym “ALLETS” – Stella spelled backwards!

Mary Stella Edwards and Judith Ackland were two painters and artists who lived together and collaborated, spending much time in their cabin in Bucks Mills in North Devon. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum own some of Edwards’s and Ackland’s paintings, and we are keen to explore their life and work as part of this project.

1 thought on “Queer Collector’s Case – Jana’s Painting by Mary Stella Edwards

  1. Jane Andrews

    I have an oil painting called the Long Road Home which belonged to my family, with the name Stella Mary Edwards. I have tried to find out more from various galleries etc but cannot probably due to the fact that she used her name backwards and that I was told there is also a different artist called Mary Stella Edwards so have drawn a blank so far. I have some photos that I am happy to share with you. The details from the back of the painting have the name of a place in Devon, the next county to Cornwall.


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