Charice Bhardwaj and Carina Miles

Digital Short by Charice Bhardwaj and Carina Miles

Welcome to the matchbox cabaret … where the wall tastes like sugar, and the dancefloor’s alight, but the world is bigger in here, so we like it.” Well, sometimes. We’re struggling to find our way into the matchbox, and we’re worried that we’re underdressed, but we’ll squeeze in anyway and try not to burn our heads off too much under the stairs. Inspired by a 19th century matchbox in the RAMM collections during lockdown, and a variety of tiny objects, collaborators Charice and Carina discover a small queer world of pink hares and dark cupboards. ? ???✌️

Find out more about Charice Bhardwaj and Carina Miles.

Inspired by RAMM’s metal matchbox!

Content Description: The video contains some profanity and flashing lights.

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